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Agility Warrant Scheme is extended

The Kennel Club is to expand their Agility Warrant scheme.  From 1 January 2007 there will be three levels of certificate; Bronze, Silver and Gold.  The Bronze certificate will replace the existing Agility Warrant with the same number of points required.  The Silver Agility Warrant will require the dog to gain 400 Agility Warrant points with a minimum of 100 of those being gained in agility classes, as opposed to jumping.  The Gold Agility Warrant will require a total of 800 points with a minimum of 200 points gained in agility classes.

The new certificates will be available from 1 January 2007 but points can be counted retrospectively.  The titles of AW(B), AW(S) and AW(G) can then be used after the dog’s name and on show entry forms.

The regulation amendment is listed below in full:
Regulation K.3.c.
An Agility Warrant will be issued on application by the registered owner at the time of qualification in respect of a dog that has obtained points in standard agility and jumping classes at Championship and Open Shows. At least 25% of points must be gained in agility (as opposed to jumping) classes. Points will be awarded at any level but may not be gained in any part of the Championship class. Points will also only be awarded where the dog has obtained a clear round within the course time. The requirements for the three levels of warrant, Bronze, Silver and Gold are:

Bronze      200 points      (minimum of 50 points in agility)

Silver       400 points      (minimum of 100 points in agility)

Gold         800 points      (minimum of 200 points in agility)

The following titles may be used after the name of the dog on Show entries and in catalogues.

Bronze      AW(B)

Silver       AW(S)

Gold         AW(G)

Points will be awarded as follows:

  Standard Agility Classes
    Standard Jumping Classes
  (clear rounds only)     (clear rounds only)  
  1st place =   20 points     1st place =   10 points  
  2nd place =   19 points     2nd place =   9 points  
  3rd place =   18 points     3rd place =   8 points  
  4th place =   17 points     4th place =   7 points  
  5th place =   16 points     5th place =   6 points  
  6th place =   15 points     6th place =   5 points  
  7th place =   14 points     7th place =   4 points  
  8th place =   13 points     8th place =   3 points  
  9th place =   12 points     9th place =   2 points  
  10th place =   11 points     10th place =   1 point  

Points will also be awarded for clear rounds within the course time as follows:

Standard Agility Classes    =    2 points

Standard Jumping Classes   =    1 point

Where less than 10 places are awarded in any class, a competitor obtaining a clear round not in the places, will be awarded the points applicable for a clear round in that class, i.e. 2 points for an agility class and 1 point for a jumping class.

Dogs (Correct at time of publication) for more information contact the Kennel Club Tel: 0870 6066750

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