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Animal wildlife - Alligators in the Sewer

Forget about alligators in the sewer, because one West Texas school found them on the practice field, shortly before school was scheduled to begin. Anyone who has followed the weather news knows that Texas has been inundated with floods, and it was this that led the alligators to come to a school in Dallas. Oh, they didn't come to eat. No, not at all, they came for the party of the decade. They were joined by such notables as poisonous snakes, bobcats, and others of the animal kingdom. The armadillos refused the invitation, saying "They had far too much on their plates."

In recent years, Texas streets and suburbs have seen an outgrowth of animals wanting a home in the housing districts. Our on home, is a place of residence to a very snooty possum. As a result of late night visits, our cat's food bowl has been moved to the kitchen, so that the possum might make her own way in the world. We live three streets away from an open field, and it is not at all unusual to hear the cry of coyotes, or see scampering raccoons during the early morning hours.

Life, such it is in the animal kingdom, has returned to the days of the Wild West. I'm waiting for the night when we hear the thundering of buffalo hooves coming down the street. Our town possesses the rare sightings of two red foxes, one white fox, and the creek-wandering mountain lion. Bobcats have for years come out of Post Oak creek to snatch the small prey, more abundant
in the suburbs. I know that this is a fact, as we lost an older dog years ago, to a bobcat that took exception to his biweekly boasting matches.

The half-cocker, half-hound dog had whooped every dog in the neighborhood, and sought new competition when he came upon a sturdy more viable opponent. Many was the time, that we would get a phone call from a much bigger dog's owner, asking that we come to remove our medium sized fighter from their animal's throat. My Dad tried a variety of chains and restraints on the dog, none of which worked. On one occasion, the dog drug a steel sawhorse -- a construction device -- up a ninety-degree hill, almost making it back to our yard before the thing tipped smashing a nail into his head. He was a pitiful sight for two weeks, as the jaw muscle sagged from the blow. He was uncontainable, and a fighter.

This isn't new news, it is old news to anyone who has owned a dog with the need to fight. The point, I supposed, is that the animal kingdom has been on Earth far longer than man, and it should come as no surprise that they prefer an easy hunt to that of hacking out a living in the wilds. Alligators, like coyotes and raccoons, are prone to watery areas because resources are more easily found there. I am curious where a couple of six-foot long alligators came from, but it is certain that they are no longer in the sewers. Perhaps, they sought an education, or just thought that a tasty little ole teacher's leg would go well with a snake or two.

As a side note to this essay, I should add: In his lifetime, Blackie -- due to his solid black color -- took on a Shepherd (full grown), an Irish Setter (also full grown), a Terrier (um it was full grown and female, you can only imagine the result of this), several cats, a bush (well he thought it was a weed), an a neighbor (she won), before meeting his demise at the claws of the Bobcat. We never found the body and it is said that to this day, the bobcat wanders Post Oak Creek in search of another brave dog.
Dogs - This article has been reproduced courtesy of Donna F. Wilson

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