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Looking for a homoeopathic product to help with your dog's behavioural problems?

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Now available: Give Your Dog A Bone


Dr Ian Billinghurst, B.V.Sc. (Hons.) B.Sc. Agr., Dip.Ed.

The practical commonsense way to feed dogs for a long healthy life. You've heard about this book, now read it for yourself. The book's approach to feeding your dog is one that promotes maximum health for the least cost.

Australian Ian Billinghurst is a vet who claims that by following this diet your dogs will have a reduction in skin, dental, eye, growth and reproductive problems and therefore fewer expensive visits to the vet! In addition dogs' faeces are smaller in volume and less smelly (less poop to scoop!) and their breath is sweet.

The book explains in simple, easy to read language, the disadvanttages associated with processed, manufactured dog foods and shows you how quick and easy it is to feed your dog, of whatever age and stage of life, on a natural diet.

  • If you care about your dog

  • If you only ever buy one book on dog nutrition

  • If you want optimum health for your dog

  • Price only £16.00

  • U.K. postage £2.00, Europe £3.00, rest of the world £5.00

  • Payment by Visa, Mastercard or sterling bank draft.

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