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Bonfire night is upon us again

Bonfire night is upon us again, and we may be lucky enough to own a dog that sleeps blissfully through all the bangs and screams of rockets, or conversely either trembles and hides away, or hyperventilates and barks incessantly during the festivities!

The latter type usually have concerned owners who consult their vet for treatment, - and the most common treatment is A. C. P. tablets, or to give it its generic name - Acepromazine maleate. This works very well, as the dog is literally sedated very heavily, - but do not begrudge your vet the right to charge a consultation fee before prescribing this drug, as a heart check is essential! A.C.P. can affect blood pressure, and an assurance of a normal heart is essential before your vet will prescribe this drug.

There is a natural alternative, - TDP Natural Calm is extensively used by exhibitors in the world of show dogs - containing Valerian, - this will relax rather than sedate a dog.

Gelsemium - a homeopathic remedy also has a similar effect. I have heard that travel sickness tablets such as Kwells also work in a similar fashion, but have no data on this.

Happy bonfire night - may it be over soon!

Dogs - This article has been reproduced courtesy of Marie Gamble

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