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Neutering Your Dog

A mixed Retriever female was once standing alongside a busy highway bleeding profusely. Vehicles were speeding during Monday morning rush hour.  Commuters were rushing to get to work on time, many saw the badly hurt dog but too focused on getting to work actually stopped them from actually doing anything about it.

With four puppies waiting for this mommy Retriever to find food and come back to the hole underneath the overpass to nurse them, time had run out. It's been three days since she had left and due to her injury by a hit-and-run vehicle, she will not be returning.

The puppies will starve. The entire family lost...

This awful story is not an odd one. As a matter of fact, many unspayed dogs with puppies are trying to survive through wooded areas and streets of urban areas as a result of interbreeding between strays.

Stray animals picked up by animal control are the luckier ones. With a better chance for adoption, especially for the pups, these animals are cared for and given until a caring person comes along to take them home. When the time period runs out, and it's definite that nobody wants to take them home, the animals are painlessly put to sleep.

The cages of SPCA buildings is filled to capacity all across the US, there are tons of puppies and grown dogs, purebreds and mixed breeds, large and small, black, brown, red and white – all discarded. They wait fervently for human hands to pet them, to love them.

With patient, trusting eyes and wagging tails, they wait and wait and wait.

For some of the dogs, time has completely come to an end and they are destined to be killed. Adoptions are far and few when it comes to new puppies and kittens.  They are just waiting for a caring person to live with – this happens on a daily basis. Money and space are very limited and, sorrowfully, this is not odd for an animal shelter. Scenes very similar to this are being duplicated in several of humane organizations around the world.

The dog population alone in America has increased rapidly due to random breeding, and homes for these dogs are just about non-existent. The purebred dog might have a better chance of being adopted than the mixed breed. However, a dog’s SPCA cage is not likely to be traded for the loving confines of a home and caring person.

A small percentage of SPCAs can actually claim even 1/3 of their yearly intake of dogs being adopted, and a huge amount can only note the thousands that they have had to be killed – in more pleasant words - put to sleep.

A brutal reward for an unwanted best friend?

Unfortunately, this will continue until dog owners and pet owners alike can finally decide within their minds to spay and neuter their pets.  This will help prevent countless unwanted dogs that may be put to sleep only a few weeks after they are born.

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