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Adult Dog Training- Understanding Your Dogs Needs

An adult dog still needs you to take care of them.  In other words, you may feel the training of your dog is complete now that he or she has reached adulthood, but this is not always the case.  Training can be a way to keep your dog active during their lifetime.

Activities such as exercise are important to their health just like it is important to a human’s health.  Like humans, dogs like to have their minds active by practicing, exercising and having fun or playtime.  To provide these things for your dog you are actually going to increase their life by a few years.

Breeds of dogs will be different on what you can train them to do.  Some dogs have a higher mental capacity and work well as work dogs, while others tend to be a little more lazy and harder to train.  Once you understand how to train your dog as a puppy, you will understand the needs your dog will have as an adult.  Games, tricks, commands, toys, and other things can be useful during training and as part of the mental stimulation they need as adults.

Teaching New Things
Teaching your dog skills for listening, commands, and being able to do a few tricks is mentally stimulating.  It also allows them more options during playtime or just when you are hoping for a little companionship.  A dog is often sensitive to your moods and tone of voice.  When you are having a bad day they will recognize this and try to comfort you.  A dog that has been trained to be tuned to their master will be a better companion overall than one that does things you do not like. 

You will often find yourself angered when your dog misbehaves, but realize without the proper attention from their master they are just trying to tell you how they feel.  This is another reason it is important to keep up training exercises with an adult dog.

Another thing to keep in mind with training an adult dog is that they are like humans in many ways.  There may be some things you have forgotten because you do not use them often.  Think about math, your child may need help in Algebra, but if you do not use it in your life everyday chances are you are not going to be able to help them. 

The idea of keeping the information at the forefront of your mind works with dogs as well.  They need to keep apprised of skills they have learned in order to use them.  When training your dog as a puppy, make the skills something you will want to use in adulthood and that you will continue training even when they become older.

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