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What to Expect When Training an Adult Dog

When your dog has reached adult status, you will find that training, making him social, and adjusting easily to situations has stopped.  Most often, when you raise a dog from a puppy you have already trained him, tried to help him become more social, and adjust to certain differences that can happen.  As an adult dog, you should realize training should be over.  This does not mean your dog cannot learn new tricks or commands, but mostly they have been taught what they need.

You should be able to appreciate your dog at this point.  You have turned him into a companion, even a friend to spend time with, and if need be have help around the house depending on the breed of dog.  When your dog reaches adulthood, you should no longer have to instruct him on proper behavior.  You may have to reinforce the behavior a little, but it is like a child.  Once the baby grows up you are still there to help, and support, but for the most part, they do not need instruction.  Your dog can be the same way.  You should be able to walk with your dog without a leash and have him stay beside you rather than runoff and play.  You dog should also be able to stay outdoors with you without running of or even sit quietly.

This of course does not mean that the training comes to a complete standstill.  Your dog can still learn new tricks and commands.  You also have to pay attention to their health.  They cannot feed themselves food so you have to make sure you are treating their diet properly.  You also want to make sure you are keeping your dog active.  A sedentary dog is not going to exhibit the best health.  It is important that you have playtime with your adult dog, walks at least once a day, and that you still train your dog.  Training can simply be a form of play three times a week. 

Keep Your Dog Healthy
You should also note that the training sessions to keep your dogs mind active does not have to last long.  Fifteen minutes is sufficient to keeping your dog active.  What you want to do when training an adult dog is practice and improve the skills he or she learned during puppy training.  This means you should go over the commands, tricks, and other little things you have taught your dog.

Adult dogs need more exercise regimes than puppies.  You may have thought your puppy was excessively hyperactive and fun to be around.  In truth, that excessive energy was helping them grow to be a healthy adult dog.  Adult dogs tend to loose a little of that luster once they reach adulthood.  They tend to simmer down and become a wonderful pal to be around all the time.  This also means they are getting less physical exercise.  This means you should take your dog out for a walk once a day, have playtime with regular exercises like jumping after balls and retrieving things. 

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