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Crucial Puppy Training That Works

The word "Stay" needs substantial practice when training a puppy. You can train him to stay either seated or lying down. By repetitive practice, say "Stay," walking away, and acting as if you’re shocked if he stands up and follows you. Simply take your dog back and go through this step once again. Never forget to return to praise him when he has "stayed" for a few seconds. Slowly make the time longer for him. You can improve the obedience command while moving during your housework; it shouldn’t take too much time after the idea has been rooted in his mind.

A dog should learn to walk on a leash without his owner constantly pulling; the command "Heel" is usually used at this point. Just like when you use the word "Stay," practice always makes perfect. In addition, your dog should be taught some signal to use when he wants to go outside. The proper bark for speak means he will let you know when, if you do not see him at the door right away, he needs to go out. He should also be taught how not to jump on people (this can be very annoying) and having him "Sit" as a new person approaches will control his eagerness. He shouldn’t bark and lunge forward at anyone, even a suspected intruder, until he is given a command. Your dog shouldn’t be allowed on the furniture, unless you allow him; he also should not plead for food at the dinner table.

You should make sure that he doesn’t roam the neighborhood, being a pain in the neck.  He should never be allowed to run loose in the street either. Your pet should not go off your property without being on a leash. Everything you train him to do or not to do will be very helpful in the future. If the leash breaks or he gets loose without a collar, obeying your command could save his life. A dog owner of obedience-trained spaniels once forgot to close his house door and when he went to cross the street to her car.

Looking back, he saw to his horror two enthusiastic little fellows walking down the front steps - and an automobile coming down the street. He called "Down!" raising his arm in the obedience-taught gesture. Immediately, the little things dropped flat, and the car zoomed past between them. Not till he called "Come!" did they rise and trot happily to him. Obedience training won't "make a robot" of your dog but it will make a better citizen of him. That's all a owner could ask for, right?

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