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What You Should Never Teach You’re Dog to Do

As new dog owners we tend to spoil our dogs.  Unfortunately, we do not realize that we are showing our dogs how to act inappropriately.  The main reason this happens is because more often than not dog owners reward bad behavior.  In order to prevent this from happening dog owners have to be patient and consistent with the dog.
Even though dog owners don’t realize it the first six months are spent caring for our new pets.  Working with a puppy can be rewarding.  Especially, when a dog owner enrolls their pet in an obedience class.  These classes specialize in teaching the dog owner and the dog what is expected of them in a playful way.  These courses show dog owners tricks, commands, and daily training routines to ensure that that dog will become an obedient pet.  Even, thought the best time to working with dogs is when they are puppies owners need to work with their dogs consistently. 
After about six to eight months your dog is able to follow through with commands and become fewer dependants on rewards in order to follow the command.  As the dog becomes grows he may become less rigid with how long it takes him or her to follow commands.  This is not necessarily a bad behavior.  But, in order to ensure that the dog understands what is expected of them the owner needs to correct these behaviors immediately before they get out of hand.
Small and toy breeds are often the dogs that are rewarded for bad behavior.  These dogs can be territorial and possessive by nature.  Therefore, they can become aggressive and hostile towards people by barking or snapping at them.  When the dog exhibits this behavior the owner usually pays more attention to the dog than correct the bad behavior.   This can confuse the dog.
Some behavioral problems do not require any type of harsh punishment.  Dog owners have to find a way to reward the dog for exhibiting the correct behavior instead of for exhibiting a bad one.  Dogs love praise, attention and affection.  By combing these three things with verbal praise the dog owner can demonstrate to the dog what acceptable and non-acceptable behavior is.  Simple commands such as “No” or “Bad Dog” can be used to correct the behavior.   Ignoring the bad behavior is not an option.
Another option to promote positive behavior is to encourage a positive behavior before a bad on can occur.  For example, if your dog jumps up on people, teach them to sit to get attention and to greet visitors. A dog that is sitting cannot be jumping up at the same time. Once the dog learns that sitting equals getting attention while jumping up means being ignored, they will soon be running over and sitting down to say hi.
Just because your pet has completed an obedience class before does not mean that they will never require a refresher class.  These classes ensure that the dog does not forget the correct behavior and it promote bonding and exercise.  Trainers are also excellent at helping dog owners re-train their dog to stop bad habits from getting out of hand.

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