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The Puppy - House Training Guide

Once you arrive home there will be a period of adjustment. Supervising the puppy at all times will prove beneficial during the first week or two.

During this period the puppy can be taught:
What it is ALLOWED to chew and what its NOT!
Where it is SUPPOSED to eliminate and where its NOT!
Where it CAN sleep and where it CAN'T!
Where it CAN sit and where it CAN'T!

Along with other ALL other house rules you may have in mind. If the puppy cannot be supervised for any reason an area which is safe, warm and enticing to the puppy should be provided. This could be a separate room or part of a room such as the kitchen. In this area the puppy should have a bed away from draughts, some water and toys and treats for its amusement.

Remember if your puppy gets bored, your house will suffer!
If at any time the puppy needs to be confined to these areas for a period of time, the puppy should be well exercised and given the opportunity to 'Go to the Bathroom'! before it is left alone.

If the puppy will then be left for a long period of time an area for toileting should be provided. This may be a piece of a news paper by the door. Every effort should be made to avoid punishing the puppy. If a reprimand is needed a stern NO is usually sufficient to distract the puppy from the unwanted behaviour and redirect the behaviour to something more favourable.

Apart from the obvious need of food and water, the basic needs for a puppy include; Chewing, play, exploration, feeding, social contact, elimination and exercise. By providing outlets for each of these needs few problems are likely to occur. Play, exercise, affection, training and handling should be part of every day routine.
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