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Preventing Boredom

Dogs need activities to stimulate them and relieve boredom. They need to be stimulated as we have taken so much away from them. Dogs in the wild will spend hours hunting, then they will kill their prey, spend hours skinning and eating the flesh all in the name of dinner! This activity could take up to 8 hours of the day.

Today dinner is served and eaten in 30 seconds!! What does the dog do for the other 7 hours, 59 minutes and 30 seconds?

Wouldn't it be good if you could spend all day at home with your dog. Unfortunately few of us are lucky enough to have a life of leisure!
After all someone has to earn the money to put food in the bowl, blankets in the basket and chew toys under the Christmas tree.

Dogs today are left for periods of time with nothing to do whilst the owners go out. BOREDOM STRIKES!!!

The dog gets bored and then starts to become destructive. Give your dogs something to do. Provide things that can be shredded, a news paper with a treat wrapped inside it, an old cardboard box, a plastic bottle with a small hole cut in to it and a few treats inside, a bone to chew.

The items do not have to cost money but can provide hours of entertainment. Some dogs do not like being left alone; try and make the time alone as entertaining as possible. Leave a light on if darkness will fall whilst your out. Leave the T.V on or the radio so the dog can hear talking and noise. Leave an old item of your clothing for the dog to lie on. Give your dog lots of fuss and go for a nice walk when you return. These are only a few suggestions to try.
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