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Toilet Training Your Puppy

Toilet training your puppy to eliminate where you want it to go and not all over the house requires a few basic house rules from the beginning. Accidents can be expected and may sill occur as the puppy is learning where to go.

Be Prepared for a few mishaps! Puppies have a strong urge to eliminate after sleeping, playing, feeding and drinking. This elimination usually occurs within 30 minutes of each activity. Be Prepared! Most puppies need to eliminate every 3-4 hours, but with every month the puppy grows older its bladder control gets stronger.

A few tasty treats offered when the puppy eliminates in the right place can encourage good behaviour. This then can be given intermittently and then stopped after the right place has been achieved.

Go outside with your puppy, praise and a tasty treat can then be given on completion of elimination. Once back inside It's too late!

The signs a puppy may show when needing the bathroom include; circling, squatting, whimpering, sniffing the floor, sneaking off and heading for the door. The puppy must be taken outside immediately to perform elimination. If you're not quick enough, the puppy should still be taken outside to finish the act.

If a puppy is punished for eliminating in the house the dog may then not 'go' in the presence of the owner. Puppies do not associate indoor elimination with punishment.

They associate punishment with the presence of the owner. This in itself can cause behaviour problems such as a fear of the owner. If your puppy has managed to eliminate without you noticing there is no point in dragging the puppy to the spot or punishing the puppy in any way. It's too late!

The puppy will not associate the behaviour with the punishment. By regularly taking the dog out through the SAME door to the SAME place the puppy will learn, This is the place to go and I get a nice treat for doing it here! Praise the puppy as it heads towards the door and again for eliminating in the right place.
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