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Preparing for the home-coming of your new dog

This article has been produced as a guide only.
For expert help and advice always consult your vet or breeder.

All too often, it is far too easy to get carried away in the excitement of buying a new dog. Before you know it, your new addition to the family steps in the front door and it doesn’t even have a bowl to drink from or a bed to sleep on!

Below is a list of some items you may wish to consider buying prior to the arrival of your new dog:

Collar & Lead
When buying a collar make sure that it fits correctly at this time with a view of buying a larger one as your dog grows. Always have a spare collar and lead with you for emergences.

Identity Tags
Plastic tags are preferred by many dog owners, metal ones can sometimes chafe and cause skin irritation. Consider Micro-Chipping or Tattooing. Consult your vet for further information.

Purchase bedding which is light, easy to carry and which can he washed and dried quickly, as accidents can happen. Prices and designs vary considerably. Try to choose something which is easy to wash or wipe clean and is also durable and pleasant to look at such as a Vet Bed - you have to live with it too. If in doubt consult your breeder or vet for advice. Regularly wash your dog’s bedding.

Food & Water Bowls
Plastic bowls get chewed easily (especially by young untrained pups). But there are heavy duty ones on the market now which can withstand rough treatment. Heavy ceramic bowls are excellent for water as they are not easily tipped over by your enthusiastic friend. Metal bowls are excellent as they don’t harbor the bacteria like chewed up plastic bowls can do.

Brushes & Combs
Talk to the breeder or your vet about suitable grooming tools. These vary considerable according to breed and it’s essential you choose the right equipment.

Play Pens
Ok so these are hardly an essential item, but apart from the obvious function, there are two major advantages in having one. Firstly, they can double up as the dogs bed, furthermore, they are an excellent place to put a young pup away from danger when the household chores are in progress.

With so many to choose from, it really is down to personal preference and experience. Toys that can be chewed to pieces easily can prove expensive, messy and occasionally dangerous to young pups. Toys that squeak are very good as they get the dog used to noises.

Most Important
Always be kind, caring and understanding at all times.

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