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Feeding, Exercise & Grooming your dog

This article has been produced as a guide only.
For expert help and advice always consult your vet or breeder.

Dogs have their own specific nutritional needs. Special diets for dogs that need them can be time consuming and expensive.

They require the correct balance of proteins fats carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, together with access to a supply of clean drinking water.

The most convenient way of providing complete and balanced nutrition is to feed a prepared pet food which has been designed to meet the needs of dogs.

Puppies use all the same nutrients as adult dogs. But because they are growing fast their food should be highly digestible, high in energy and richer in protein and calcium. They also need a balanced supply of vitamins and minerals. Most complete puppy diets contain all the necessary ingredients. For giant breeds however, you should be guided by your vet or breeder.

It is very important to remember that every dog and puppy is an individual. Although there are feeding guidelines on pet food packaging, every dog should be regularly weighed and the amounts of food given adjusted to maintain a healthy appearance and bodyweight. For example a working sheepdog will burn off more energy and need more food than a litter mate leading a less active life as a domestic pet.

All dogs like to exercise.

Never excessively exercise immediately after a meal.

Larger dogs do not necessary need more exercise but free exercise in a large garden is beneficial.

Always keep your dog under control when it is near children, people and other pets or in the countryside.

Do not allow your dog to annoy your neighbours. Train your dog to be obedient.

When you play with your dog, always use toys that have been designed to fulfill natural canine behavior and which are safe.

Grooming keeps the skin and coat in good healthy condition and strengthens the trust between you and your dog.

Get your dog used to being groomed regularly.

Long-haired dogs need daily brushing whilst short-haired dogs can manage with grooming just once or twice a week.

Use shampoos and grooming aids which have been specially designed for dogs. Virkon is a particularly good product for use as a disinfectant outside. Never use detergents, pine disinfectants or carbolic soap.

Keep towels especially for your dog and wash them regularly.

Clean your dogs teeth weekly.

Keep claws cut or exercise twice weekly on concrete.

Regular worming is recommended and protect your pet from flees.

Most Important
Always be kind, caring and understanding at all times.

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