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24th June 06 Subject: Hayfever
Hello I have an 18 month old Rhodesian ridgeback who has developed what appears to be hayfever in the last 6 weeks. He has been to the vet twice and had two courses of antibiotics as well as two steroid injection's but whilst they help him sleep they do nothing else. The vet has suggested he could have an allergy, but has also said he is guessing, his guess's are costing about £60 each, and more importantly not making him any more comfortable. Has anyone else ever heard of this, or have any idea's on what I can do, he is a very active chap and I hate keeping him in doors. many thanks Ellie

Hi,You say that steriods and anitbiotics have had littleeffect, if it's a hayfever type allergy have you tried antihistamines. These are the most effective treatment in humans. Also consider looking at the diet. Try a hypoallergenic diet and if that works, gradually reintroduce different foods. If the symptoms reappear then you have found the culprit. Louise

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18th June 04 Subject: Getting a Staffie pup in about 5 weeks
Hi, im getting a Staffie pup in about 5 weeks and want some help. Im going to ask some honest questions and i would like you to share your opinion with me please. Im slightly concerned about leaving the dog at home for any longer than about 3 hours whilst it's so young as i don't want him thinking no one loves him, however, is this too much? Should the dog get used to his own company? Is 3 hours reasonable? Maybe it's too long? too short? I know he's going to be an aggressive chewer after reading and talking to people so i aim to buy him loads of toys to try and save my house!! What i would love to know is where and what aid i should use to confine him to the house when im not at home.
I have a kitchen that is pretty's about 6ft x 6ft. Is this large enough? Should i section off a larger part of the lounge as a play pen whilst im out? If so, how much does a staffie or puppy need?
I am going to buy a crate / cage, but unless people say otherwise i am of the opinion that putting him in there for 3 hours is unfair.
If he was to be on his own for lets say 3 hours, would one hour of attention and playing be enough to leave him again for 3 hours? So 3 hours followed by an hour of playing and a small walk then left for 3 hours again?
Guys, please be honest and just let me know from your experience etc what you think.
If you know any websites you can point me in the direction of please do, as i am taking this seriously and want help to make sure i don't have a problem dog. Roland +(44)7775 772 619 +(44)1202 330 110

To the guy gettin staffy pup
We have an eighteenth month old one called george. got him when he was twelve months. we think he was mistreated but dont let that make you go aahh!! he is brill,fab with the girls aged 5 n 9 - unless he gets wound up then he is like any hot blooded dog - a randy bugger! you seem so thoughtful that in my opionion three hours is fine. you are the boss, pack leader, alfa male you will have accidents times when you wonder if you did the right thing but keep goin. you set the rules and love him and respect will shine through. hope this makes sense! in my opionion staffies are the best george knows everythin n he is there for me my mate n a big pain in the bum!!

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16th April 03 Subject: German Shepherd with large circular bald spot
I have a 7 year old very healthy female German Shepherd who we have recently noticed a large circular bald spot on the front top part of her leg. It is not inflamed or flaky and does not cause her any discomfort. We have now noticed another spot on her other leg. Same size and again no redness or discomfort. Does anyone have any idea what it could be? I at first thought it was ringworm but it is not at all red or flaky. Thanks in advance. Andrea Brandt

Re: German Shepherd with large circular bald spot.
Hi, I was wondering, what colour are these bald spots...are they normal skin colour, or are they black?
Also, does your GSD tend to chew/lick at these areas?
The reason I'm asking is because some dogs can chew/lick so much that it can cause bald spots, and what is known as 'lick granuloma' This can be caused by stress, boredom etc, and is a lot like fingernail chewing in humans!
It is worth doing some research on the subject...if thats what it is, it can be difficult to clear up.
Has the dog been checked over by the vet? Feel free to e.mail me if you need any help! Lisa Safftash GSD's

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27th Oct 00 Subject: Support with wheels for back of dog
Hi my name is Sandy,I have a large dog that is in great shape and very healthy, but her back leggs are hurt and she can't walk on them. I am looking for information about a product that I  have seen on TV it supports the back end of the dog and has two wheels on it so she can walk with her front feet. If there is any information that you know of on this kind of product or where I could look for it would you please e-mail me at with what you have. I thank you so much for your time, and hope that there is some way you can help me.THANK YOUSANDY HARDIN

Hi, my name is Kendall. I have a black lab, too. Her name is Lucy and she's about 7 years old. My family got a Cairn Terrier named Maddy about 4 months ago. We were a little worried about the two getting along, but the dogs worked it out fine. So here's my advice to you:
You're lucky that the two dogs are labs--they'll get along fine. Let the two of them play together (it's wise to supervise them), and watch the behaviour. Chances are, your older dog will demand that she be pack leader. The heirarchy between the two will be worked out fine. It's making sure that the older dog knows she hasn't moved up any that will be the problem. Feed the dogs at the same time, and take them for walks together. I found that this really helped the dogs bond. When we first got Maddy, Lucy wouldn't even acknowledge that she existed. Now the two are inseparable. I know that this is a little late, but I wish you good luck!

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Subject: Australian Shepherd information on Stronghold
Following a question about the effects of Stronghold on Aussies in the September ASCUK newsletter I can confirm that I have applied 2 doses (vials) to my 3 year old Aussie. There have been no significant after-effects. However, the first time his fur (approximately 2 inches) became slightly hard and chalky for a couple of days after application. This didn't happen the second time. The dog was otherwise absolutely fine. Therefore I would certainly recommend it.. and hope it works! Regards, Beth Towers (and Sam)

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Subject: Food Allergies
My wife and I have an 8 month old Black Lab named "ZEKE".  We have heard that there are certain foods that Dogs are allergic to.  For instance we have been told that chocolate could give a dog seizures or even cause death. I know I've heard of other such canine allergies and we are worried that we might feed him something he shouldn't have.  Is there a list of such allergies that we could research or do you have a quick list you could tell us about.  "Zeke" would really appreciate it! Mike Secher

My advice is not to go looking for problems if they do not exist.  A ot of pet owners are geting too paranoid about what their are feeding their dogs and the vast majority can actually go through life with few problems.  There are very many different feeds  'on the market', all making claims to being the best. Feed your dog sensibly, accept the fact that they actually have a pretty tough digestive system.  They enjoy variety so try not to get trapped into one particular diet exclusive to all others.  Do not discount 'natural' feeding., ie meat, bones & biscuit. Enkjoy your dog and do not worry TOO much!! Neil Ewart

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Subject: Shedding
I have a dog that sheds terrible year round. She is half lab and half border collie. She sleeps with my daughter every night and she makes my daughter's bed look like a rug. Please help me if you can.   Thank You, Marci

In the morning and/or in the evening make a regular funtime sitting and brushing or combing (depending on how much your doggie will tolerate) and with a trusty trash can at your side keep emptying the brush.  Hang in there as long as you can.  The more you brush the less hair you'll have to deal with on your clothes, bedding and furniture later.  You've got a smart, beautiful breed.  I had a border collie mix a few years dog I've ever had and I greived for months (still cry sometimes) after her passing.....she was 14.  OK now, off with the computer...time to brush!!! Kris B

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Subject: Looking for a breed that is unlikely to damage house
We're looking for a breed of dog that is unlikely to do damage to our house and yard (we've loved our dogs in the past, a border collie, a cockapoo, and a schnauzer-mix but have had trouble in all three cases where either holes are dug in the back yard or, in one instance, the two little dogs scratched down a whole wall of new wallpaper while we were out) ....  the border collie, we're told, because of his intelligence and herding instincts, had to be busy doing something in the back yard. so he jumped at squirrels and girdled several trees... a big problem. Do you have any suggestions for us? we need a *calm* dog that is friendly and likes humans but neither excitable or destructive. one that tends not to shed much would be a bonus. I know of course that any dog can be destructive if not properly trained or just b/c of individual personalities. Any suggestions, though, on breeds that we may have better luck with? Sincerely, Elizabeth

All breeds will have members that will cause destruction n the home.  I have recently acquired a Leonberger that although he is large & hairy!  has been one of the easiest that I have ever owned.  The breed, with few exceptions, seem to be very fond of people, especially children.  They are generally quite 'laid back' and my bot, despite being about 150lbs, will travel on public transport without being a nuisance to anybody.   A breed worth considering!! Neil Ewart

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20th June 99 Subject: Scared of People
I write to you in the hope that someone out there can help me. I have a rough collie (lassie) that I wouldn't be without for the world, but, he has a problem that is causing him (and us) great distress. He is totally scared of people. We have had him for about 18 months, he was about 3 years when we got him, and we can only assume that he was mis-treated by his previous owner. I have tried general dog training classes to no avail, am aware that his breed is of a nervous disposition (but they aren't this bad) and can't afford lengthy specialised help. We've tried introducing him to people when they come round to our house, but he just wont go near them. We've also tried treats if he holds his ground or comes in the room when there's someone there, but he shows no interest in it at all until they've gone, it's the same with toys. He is fine with us when we are on our own though. Sorry it's a bit long. Please Help!  Adrian Boreham

Hi Adrian,
Sounds like you have quite a problem with your collie.  Good for you though, rescuing in the first place and secondly going to classes. Basically, you are doing the right thing if you have a good class. Still do what you are doing only instead of trying with a few people to make special efforts with him/her, try one person in particular that seems to have the least effect or can come around on a regular basis if only for a few minutes.  Get that person to sit on the floor (less bulk, less frightening).  Try going away yourselves for only a few minutes. Your friend must not go towards your dog but be patient, sit back.  Chat away to the dog, have some yummy smelling meat or biscuits on her lap to encourage your dog.  After a few days of this, let her push some yummy food along the ground and see if she will come a tiny bit closer.  If your collie does come closer, your friend mustn't make a move towards her. If the time comes that your collie makes contact, slow movements with gentle petting and a soothing voice is essential.  Let me know, how you get on.  I have a couple of other ideas that may work if this doesn't but if you do this often enough, I think it will work.  Good luck to you all.   Tarah

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25th Aug 09 Subject: Using a crate
Hi, We have just adopted a 3 year old female staffie. She is great in every aspect, but never used a crate.  
My daughter also has a 2 yr staffie male, which she has had since he was a 6wk old pup. He is used to a cage. My dilemma is, although a crate is not that important, my daughter will be looking after my dog, when we are on hols and she obviously doesn't want to leave her loose when she is at work.  Her house has quite a small living space. We are not going away again until next year. Is it tool late to re train lady to use a crate?  
Any ideas will be gratefully recieved. Thanks Jane.

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11th June 08 Subject: Embolism
Hi, We have a 3.5 year old Boxer bitch, and just recently she suffered what our vet described as an Embolism, which has rendered her right rear leg useless, this came on with no warning, and literally took seconds from inception to end result, the Dog is to all intense and purposes fine, other than the back leg, our vet has stated there is nothing we can do for her except to see if she gets any feeling back in the leg, with amputation being the end result if not. I am somewhat bemused by our vets opinion, as there has been no examination as such, no scan or X rays, to determine where the clot is, and we have had no medication other than an initial anti-inflammatory injection coupled with tablets for pain control, and no advice as whether this clot could move and cause even more damage, Our vet was honest enough to state that they had only come across this kind of thing 3 times in 30years of practice, and admitted they weren't sure really what to do other than to see how our dog progresses, advised us to massage  and keep moving the affected leg, which we are doing. As we want to give our dog every opportunity to recover from this, all be it we realise she will never be 100% again, I would appreciate any help or advice from any one else out there that has either, suffered a similar episode or knows of any alternative ways to deal with this, other than having the limb amputated. Ian James.

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7th October 07 Subject: Help for mum & pups
Hi   I have just had my first litter of 12 rottweillers which was initially wonderful but so far 5 have died. I would really appreciate advice on how best to take care of my female and her new litter. Should we bottle feed the weaker ones (we have been doing this on advice of our vet)? Are there any virus' we should worried about (I have read about fading puppy disease)? When should I allow visitors into the compound? What is the ideal temperature for the kennel (we live in a tropical, warm climate)? When will my female regain her appetite - at the moment she will only eat meat and I have to hand feed her but the vet has examined her and says she is fine. I feel terrible that we have lost the weakest puppies so soon and would really appreciate advice.   Thanks,   Nimu Njonjo Manager East African Whale Shark Trust Diani Beach PO Box 933 Ukunda 80400 Kenya   Tel: +254720293156

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7th January 07 Subject: Intolerence/allergy to any meat or animal product
Hi, I have a three year old border collie who about six months ago we discovered she has and intolerence/allergy to any meat or animal product! Basically ahe is now a vegan. This was discovered after six months of her being unwell and about £400 of vets fees and a completly stumped vet. We went to our old vet where we used to live and he suggested a food allergy, put her on a hypoallergenic diet for six weeks and then we gradually began introducing new foods, any time she had meat introduced she gor sick again. She can't even tolerate chicken or egg. She has been doing really well, but recently has developed a really bad habit of stealing food. I used to be able to leave her in the room with a plate of food, come back and she would be gaurding it from our other dogs. Now she is trying to steal food even when I am sat right next to her. I think that this must be because she is laking something in her diet, but I don't know how to work out what she needs. She is currently on Happidogs vegetarian food, which is supposed to be a complete food, and she gets different vegetables and fruit added in to her diet cause she likes them. Any thoughts? Louise

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5th August 06 Subject: Relocating
We are relocating to Thailand in early 2007 and we are taking our German Shepherd Marco with us.The problem that I have is that I cannot find an IATA approved carrier large enough for him, although the exra large size is supposed to be suitable for Great Danes etc.  The biggest I can find is 48x32x35. He is 49 inches from the tip of his nose to the base of his tail and weighs approx 84lbs.  Although we are travelling in 2007, I wish to purchase the carrier now so that he can get accustomed to it and make it less stressful for him. Please have you any idea where I can either purchase a larger plastic carrier or have one made to measure? I have tried doing searches on Google etc but do not seem to be getting anywhere. Regards Georgina

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12th February 06 Subject: Restless old chaps
Hi, I have two dogs - both getting on abit, my terrier is 12 and a lab thats 10 - and usually they are perfectly civil and quiet.  They have always been left on their own for about 2hours a day - but have the big garden to play in.  However, over the last couple of months they seem to be getting abit restless. When they go for walks they are both less reponsive to commands and run off together. And my lab is worse at home, he keeps shifting around, as if he can't get comfortable and wanders in and out of the room for ages, but if you go to play with him he walks away. After a while he calms down and is fine again. My terrier is starting to show similar behaviour as well. If it's a sortable problem I'd rather deal with it ASAP. All help and suggestions are very welcome, the vet and I are out of ideas! Many Thanks, Helen.

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18th May 05 Subject: Dog attacking my other dog
Hi, please help me!  Since my Jack Russell x Lakeland Terrier Hollie had a litter of pups last November, she has been nervy, shaky and growly which she was never like before.  She and my Staffordshire Bull Terrier Fen always used to get on well, but now I have to keep them separated as Hollie has attacked Fen viciously twice.  She has taken chunks from Fen's neck and chest.  I trust Fen 100%, she's very obedient and very laid back and would NEVER do anything to provoke an attack.  My vet says it's hormones and to get her spayed.  Hollie's in season at the mo, and we are having her spayed in about 3 months.  I'm worried that this is not going to help.  We kept 1 of Hollie's pups, (a bitch) and she has no problems with her.  All my dogs have attended obedience classes and are well behaved normally.  It's hard to keep them separated.  I don't want to live like this.  Putting Hollie in her crate doesn't work as she attacks the side of the crate to try to get at Fen.  I just don't know what to do, I don't understand why she hates Fen, I've been in tears.  I feel like I am no longer in control.  Any suggestions would be MUCH appreciated.  Thank you, Amber.

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27th October 06 Subject: Demodectic Mange--very promising treatment
I'm getting the word out to as many as possible, as fast as possible!  My three and a half year old dog has been on Ivomec and antibiotics since she was about six months old.  Gradually, the medicines were losing their effect.  God clearly told me to give her vitamin E.  I did not know at the time that that particular vitamin could have an impact on the immune system.  At 94 pounds, she began getting one 1000 I.U. per day.  After about three days I noticed a decided difference in her appearance.  I withdrew the Ivomec and increased her dosage to two 1000 I.U. capsules per day.  Now I give her two one day and three the next.  After three weeks she is totally clearing up and growing new hair in the bald spots.  Please have others try this! Alan & Pamela Dean

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