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Life and Death Through the Eyes of an unwanted bitch

How I hate these stinking, dirty places, that terrible stench a lot of people have coming from them, they call it alcohol. Why am I here, why am I in a place like this, they call it a pub. I can’t see anyone else like me here. My owner, or should I say the "human" who beats me, is arguing with a fellow "human being", 10 pounds, 10 pounds, no less, apparently that’s all I worth, they are saying "you can breed from her and make money selling the pups". Everyone is shouting and arguing, the noise and the smell is unbearable. An agreement has been reached I’m to go with this tall, fat, ugly ""human"" who is so drunk he can hardly walk. He’s dragging me down the road, he’s nasty and rough, I don’t like him but I have no say in the matter. Home at last!!, no luxuries here, floorboards in a smelly, dirty cupboard next to the kitchen. They close a door on me, I’m in the dark, I’m thirsty, I’m hungry, I’m just left. I go to sleep tired, cold and hungry.

I now hear voices, the man is talking to someone with a softer voice, and is saying" only give her 1 tin of dog meat a day, and try to get the cheapest you can, we want to make as much money as we can when she has pups". The "human" with the softer voice now lets me out into a dirty, stinking yard, and puts a tin of food on the ground, it`s raining, I`m wet and cold. Some smaller "humans" now come out to see me, they hit me and throw stones at me, I’m brought back into the dark cupboard because I growled at these small "humans", I’m kicked and beaten. I don’t go out any more, I do what I have to do in here, it soon stinks and is wet.

I howl with hunger, the "man" opens the door and throws in something, saying" she can eat these if she is hungry", I think they are called babies nappies, they are dirty but that’s all I have got.

I`v been here a long time, I’m bleeding, and I have a visitor, another canine. He’s not like me, never seen his type before, however, again I have no say in the matter, he climbs on me, it hurts, its all over I’m back in the dark cupboard.

I now have 10 puppies, what the hell am I supposed to do, the door open’s and the man says "we have got £500 in there, we will get rid of them in 4 weeks". I am starving, I have no milk to feed my babies, they are screaming and tearing at my empty teats, how can I tell this "human" that I need more than 1 tin of dog meat and cold water and "dirty babies nappies" to feed my babies. I’m going crazy, alas 2 of my babies are now silent, its best they are at peace, but I still have 8 babies to care for and I can’t , its mental torture.

All of a sudden there appears to be a lot of people looking at me, some are wearing uniforms, maybe they are here to take me and my babies away from this hell, no, it`s not to be, one of the uniforms said " she`s a bit thin, but I see that you are feeding her, it`s the pups that’s making her thin," they leave to this hell.

Now there a lady looking at me, she is talking to my owner, "no way" he says "you can’t take the bitch, Iv got all the pups booked, there a lot of money in there, I need money for her". The lady goes away, my dispair returns. I can’t believe it the same lady is back, she’s with a man who say’s" we have had a whip round and have got £150 take it or leave it", my owner says" Ill take it, she more trouble than she’s worth, get her and her pups out of

here" My owner is happy and so am I. My puppies and I are free to go. My babies are put into a box and I follow this lady and man into a car, I`ll go anywhere my babies are. The lady takes me into a strange house and leaves me, I am in a nice warm room, the first for a long time, I’m with my babies, but I am confused and frightened, I don’t know what is happening to me, there’s lots of nice food and warm milk to drink, but I am still frightened, I can’t understand why they are being so nice to me. I’m still starving and my babies are dying by my side. Morning breaks, I venture into another room, I’m tempted by bowls of food, I’m so hungry I can’t resist. My belly is full my thirst subsides, I search for my babies but they are not there, the lady holds me and cuddles me and tells me to relax everything will be OK now, and she will look after me. She’s so kind and its a long time since Iv felt wanted.

I miss my babies, but I don’t miss their despairing cries or their nails tearing at my stomach, they are at peace now and can never be abused or ill treated as I have been.

I seem to have slept forever, however, I feel better as the days go by, the lady and the man are so gentle and it’s nice to be treated with some respect, I can’t understand one thing they keep putting on this green place, Iv heard them call it "grass", Iv never seen it before, I don’t know what to do in here, this large field, I just go round in circles at the gate, I’m not used to open spaces, it frightens me, once back in my kennel I feel the concrete under my feet, now I can relieve myself, this is where I am used to "doing it".

Now my pain returns, my insides feel as they are on fire, I am bleeding heavily and the man and lady are concerned, they worry about me. I suddenly start to lose the weight I have gained. The lady is distressed, why is she crying, I love being here and they have said that I can stay here for ever. The lady said that she will care for me and the man said that on one will hurt me ever again, so why is everone upset. I go with the lady in the car, she is crying all the time, we get to another strange place I don’t like the smell here but there is another man in a white coat, he speaks to me very kindly, he feels me all over and says to the lady "there is nothing we can do for her, she was bred from too young, she no had the food she should have, she’s only a puppy herself" "she is suffering", I am my insides are burning.

The lady is crying even more now and the man in white is starting to cry too, the lady is giving me kisses and I’m giving her kisses and paws now, I’m trying to say thank you to her, I know the end is near, I can’t go on suffering this pain and I know she won’t let. The man in white holds my leg and cuts some of the hair away, he the feels for my vein and I feel a sharp prick of pain, not anything like the pain Iv felt before, the last two humans I see are both crying and talking softly to me, my last thoughts why could`t all the "humans" that Iv met be like these.

At last the light goes out and I am at peace, I can still see My lady and her man, I love them and I`ll never forget them.

I’m now in a place where there is no suffering, I’m with my babies who no longer cry with hunger. All the dogs that have ever been are here, we are warm, we run, we play, and most of all we are loved. Why could`t earth be like this? We dogs love all mankind, why can’t all mankind love us.

This story is based on some of the cases that we have seen and dealt with in 30 years of rescuework, with our breed, but its true of every breed and non-breed, I only hope that this story will make people think when they say "A litter of pups is good for a bitch, it`s natural"

Dogs - This article has been reproduced by kind permission of Peter Hughes

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