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Dog Buyers by Romy Fields Zack's English Labradors

Dog Buyers by Romy Fields Zack's English Labradors

The difference between a breeder and a buyer is as vast as the variety of breeds in the world. In fact anyone with sufficient funds can buy a dog from abroad. Here in Brazil they buy from The United States, England, Finland, Sweden etc etc., but very few buy a dog to complement a breeding programme. The majority of dog buyers want to buy either a Champion or a son of a Champion and, of course, from a famous old kennel with years of experience behind it. By doing this they quickly give their new kennel credability in the eyes of the general public and it is to be hoped, take advantage of someone elses breeding ability. But unless these important and expensive dogs are bred correctly the investment in them will all be in vain.

A clever buyer will only buy a dog when their breeding programme really requires it. When they have explored their original stock to its fullest potential, and are then in real need of fresh blood. When they have decided where they want to take their ´Type´, and when they see an opening for betterment.
The dog buyer that buys and buys from all over is not founding a kennel or breeding something for themselves for the love of breeding, but is only satisfying some inner need to be seen.

Having been in dogs seriously for more than 20 years I have noticed that there are very few who start their kennel with a sound working basis which makes a sound future possible. Few who want to choose a type – perhaps modify it, within the breed standard, and then stamp their ´look´on it. Few who have the idea of establishing their own bloodline so that someone would look at their progeny and say aHa! it´s a...............! Few who research those all important health, temperament and type questions and build on that and sad to say, Many who buy and buy and buy. There are those who breed for years without their Affix appearing more than once or twice on their pedigrees because of the constant buying they do over the years.

It is amazing that these people find satisfaction in spending money on dogs that sometimes simply shouldn´t be bred or don´t´go´with their stock and all in the name of well.....Names and getting noticed quickly.
What´s happened to the old teachings of yester year? Find a type you like, take your time, build your idea of the ideal example of your breed and keep the breed healthy while your doing it. Or, at least try to!!
Here in Brazil we have experts who´ve been breeding for 3, 5 and 7 years!!! How times change!! We have kennels ( or are they puppy farms) with 9 sires 9 – 14 bitches? A very large number of dogs within a very short space of time. How can you breed exceptional or at the least, typical dogs with such a variety of bloodlines in front of you? Doesn´t this scream indecision? The genetic pool must be enormous and with such a variety of ´Imports´ it´s just going to keep growing and growing untill you reach a point when you´d not know where the dice fell. And all because you´ve not taken the trouble to study the breed type before you began and decide to choose the type you like best and build on that ideal through healthy examples, taking all the care, time and trouble necessary to preserve that breed. How easy it is to buy and buy.

Just because a person has the finance to Import and Import doesn´t make him a breeder. I often wonder what the difference is between this Dog Buyer and a Posh Puppy Farmer. A breeder is someone who loves his breed and wants to take care of it. Of course we all need to invest in our hobby, but not to the extent that our vanity takes total control.

And Why oh Why do we think that a Brazilian bred dog is less than an Imported dog. Why can´t we derive pleasure from breeding here instead of importing? Isn´t it about time we began the tradition of breeding good dogs in Brazil and exporting, with pride, a Brazilian Bred dog? Are we ashamed of what we´re doing here? How few dogs per year, Brazilian bred, leave this country? Very few I think, in relation to registrations.
Afterall, we didn´t invent this wonderful world of the pedigreed dog. We are just the caretakers of the good work that has gone before us and we should do our share of preserving the many wonderful breeds that we have here and not rely so heavily on importing. How easy it is to buy and buy! Is it so difficult to breed a good one?

Romy Fields - Judge FCI (6 Groups)

This article was written by Romy Fields breeder/judge who although a Scot lives in Brazil.

Her kennel name is Zack's English Labradors.

She is responsible for writing the elaborated standard for the breed in portuguese.

Dogs - This article has been reproduced courtesy of Romy Fields Zack's English Labradors

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