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New Green Star System for Ireland

At the An Ard Chomhairle meeting in Dublin on Friday, 3rd November, the delegates agreed to a change to the Green Star system which has been in operation since January 1978, which in itself had been the first major change since the formation of the Irish Kennel Club in 1922. The new system will come into operation from January 2007 and will be subject to review in 2009.

The current points system will be replaced with a simple numerical calculation of seven green stars won under seven different judges. To ensure a smooth transition from old to new, a conversion will be applied from points already gained under the old system.

Points won under the old system will be converted as follows:

1 - 5     points counts as 1 Green Star

6 - 11    points counts as 2 Green Stars

12 - 18  points counts as 3 Green Stars

19 - 24  points counts as 4 Green Stars

25 - 31  points counts as 5 Green Stars

32 -      points or more count as 6 Green Stars

Grading will also be introduced at all Championship shows and only those dogs graded Excellent (or in the case of puppies-Very Promising) will be allowed to compete for the green star. There would be a stipulation that 1 Green Star must be won after the age of 15 months. Champions will also be eligible to compete for the green star.

There will no longer be any enhancement for Group wins.

The title of Annual Champion in each breed will be awarded to the dog with the highest number of Green Stars won in the calendar year. In the event of a tie, the award will be made to the dog with the greater number of Best of Breed win.

These changes come on the back of the decision to implement 10 groups at all Championship shows from June 2007; these will mirror the FCI groupings and will see some breeds move from their traditional home, eg. Dalmatians into Group 6 along with Beagles and Bassets, an influx into Group 5 of the Pomeranian, Siberian Husky and Samoyed and other Nordic and Spitz breeds, the merging of the Toys and remaining Utility breeds into the Companion Group 9 and the prospect of the Miniature Schnauzer and the Affenpinscher taking on the mighty St Bernard in Group 2. Dachshund will have their own group, Group 4 and the Gundogs will be split into Groups 7 and 8.

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