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How Obedience Works and Things You Need To Understand
of How The System Works!

You have your dog and you have been to training classes and you want to perhaps have a hobby with your dog and friendly people who have the same interest.

For the first time competitor you can enter:

As of KC rules this class is for a Handler or Dog must not have won a first Prize in Pre-Beginners nor gained a third place or above in any other obedience class.

Heal on Head - 15 points
Healfree - 20 points
Recall from the Sit & Down (handlers choice) - 10 points
Your dog must return normally to you and sit normally
and straight in front of you while you are stationary,
on command of the judge or steward the dog will move
to the working side of the handler. The test starts when
the handler leaves the dog and walks to a designated place
Total points - 45 points
We then have the stay exercise which involves the whole class.
The dogs all do a sit test for one minute with the handler in sight
- 10 points
Down exercise for 2 minutes with the handler in sight - 20 points
Total points in all - 75 points

In obedience we aim to leave the ring with the smallest amount of points. Each mistake you make they mark you a point. So the winner of the class could have gained as an example 2 points this may be the lowest score in the class. This system is the same all the way through the classes. Some judges mark harder than others.

When I judge Pre-Begs or Begs I mark mistakes in 1/4's some judges mark in 1/2's. So you get a greater variety of what the final best score is.

It is always advisable to keep checking the score sheets through the day as many people go home thinking they haven't won anything as results usually go down to 6th or even 8th place. Because they were under the impression that they had lost a lot of marks.

The next class I wish to talk about is:

To complete in this class a Handler or Dog must not have won Two or more first prizes in the Begs class or won first prize in any other class (Pre-Begs excepted).

Heal on lead - 15 points
Healfree - 20 points
Recall (same as Pre-Begs) - 10 points
Retrieve any article supplied by the handler - 25 points
Sit stay (1 minute in sight) - 10 points
Down stay (2 minutes in sight) - 20 points
Total points in all - 100 points

In Pre Beg and Beginners handlers are not penalised for encouraging their dogs or extra commands except in the stays. you may play with your dog in between exercises.

If you touch your dog while competing then you will be faulted.

My next update will be the novice and Test A Classes.

My qualifications in obedience are as follows:
30 years competing, fully qualified to judge all classes except CH C.
My first obedience dog was a Border Collie called Dalmally Rosecoe C only
My second dog Quenturn Kelly he also was a border Collie 2 res CC's
My third was a bitch called Ho Ho Silver Manday at Accra 1cc - 4res cc - 1 Pro dog win she was a working sheepdog and qualified for CH C at 21 months.
We still train competition dogs and hold courses, for all breeds.

Dogs (Correct at time of publication)This article has been reproduced courtesy of by Penny Richards

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