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Torch with AM/FM Radio Built In

New, Only £4.99

This versatile Torch has the added advantage of an AM/FM radio built in. So you can now listen to your favourite radio stations on the move. The modern design makes it very easy to use. The advantage of having two essential items combined into one means it is more convenient and saves you space and weight.
The perfect travel companion.

Torch with AM/FM Radio - on Dogs   Torch with AM/FM Radio - on Dogs   Torch with AM/FM Radio - on Dogs   Torch with AM/FM Radio - on Dogs
Top View
showing Controls
Bottom View
showing Belt Clip
Side View
showing Switches
Side View
showing Strap
  • Overview
  • Torch uses two AA batteries so saving on weight, with separate on/off switch for torch.
  • It features an AM/FM radio with station turning controls, AM/FM selection switch, separate on/off switch and volume control.
  • You can use each function separately or combined.
  • Wrist strap for easy carrying plus the added advantage of being able to let go of torch and it will be within easy reach and ready to use.
  • The belt clip allows you the convenience of listening to your favourite radio stations while on the move, plus it makes it very easy for carrying.
  • Ideal for any use from outdoor activities to indoor use. Perfect to use in power cuts as you have a torch plus a radio to keep you up to date with all latest the news etc.
  • Size approximately (LxW): 6.75" x 1.5" (170 x 40mm) colour black.
  • This very stylish elegant Torch with AM/FM Radio is the perfect travel companion. By combining two essential items (Torch and AM/FM Radio) into one it give you the convenience and saves you space and weight.
  • Boxed.

New, Only £4.99

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