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Has been established to Specifically Promote and Provide a Focal Point and Source of Information for the Canine World,
which makes us the First Point of Contact for Everybody who has an Interest in the Canine World.

Below is just some of the content available on Dogs

  Breeders/Owners - Looking for a Dog Breeder or Owner? - Then you have found the right place

  Breeds - Where you will find different breeds

  Affix - Looking for an Affix? - Then your quest is over

  Dogs at Stud - Want to know who has dogs at stud? - This is the place to visit

  Puppy Corner - Looking for puppies? - You have found the right place

  Young & Adult Stock - Who has young & Adult stock for sale? - This is the place to visit

  Clubs - Need to find a Club? - Then this is the place for you

  Shopping Centre - All your needs in one place - The only way to shop
     The Shopping Centre is full of various shops which offer the most Comprehensive range of
     Businesses, Organisations, Products and Services - what more could you want

  Judges List - Judges List the place to find dog judges and show judges

  Show Scene Diary - Your Access to all the Show Dates

  Breeds Notice Boards - The place to contact and exchange information with enthusiasts of your chosen breed

  Breeds Characteristics - The place to find information about your chosen breed

  Dr Dog - Medical Information

  Dog Antics - The humorous side to owning dogs. The place to share your experiences whether Good or your worst Nightmare!!

  Dog Forum - Need an answer to a dilemma? - or can you help somebody else with their dilemma?
     Want to air your views or respond to somebody else's views? Then you have found the right place

  Dog News - The place to find the latest news and articles

  Champions Parade - Parade of Champions owned by members of Dogs

  Show Results - Principal winners from Champ Shows & Breed Clubs

  Kennels - The place to visit when you need to find kennels for your dogs

  Charities & Rescue Organisations - Information on these very important organisations

  Training/Education - Essential information to help you learn and progress

  Lost & Found - This is the place to post details of your lost dog or a dog you have found

  What's New - New additions to Dogs

  For Sale & Wanted - The place to find and advertise Items for Sale and Wanted - Just what you have been looking for!!

  How to Join Us - For all the information on how to join Dogs

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